by Nancy Guinasso on Jun 23, 2017


Keep our clients informed, is a top priority at Magnolia Insurance Agency in Seattle. What you don't know CAN hurt you in the insurance world.

1. OUTSIDE WATER AND SEWER LINES ARE NOT AUTOMATICALLY COVERED ON A HOMEOWNERS POLICY. Your home policy does not provide protection for the water and sewer line that goes from the outside of your home to the street. As you know, these lines can break, crack and deteriorate over time . . . . especially in more established communities like Magnolia , Ballard and Queen Anne, where the homes were built in the 1920's to the 1970's.

SOLUTION: If your home insurance policy doesn't allow you to add an endorsement for outside water and sewer lines, you can call NATIONAL WATER COMPANY and for less than $12 a month protect yourself from disaster from a broken pipe.

2. JEWELRY IS NOT COVERED PROPERLY ON A HOMEOWNERS POLICY UNLESS IT IS SCHEDULED. Lost jewelry, missing stones, or mysterious disappearance are not covered on your homeowners policy. Theft is jewelry is limited to a very small amount - typically less than $2500.

SOLUTION: If you would like protection for your wedding ring, Rolex watch, or expensive heirloom jewelry, remember to specifically schedule each item on your home policy.

3. RENTAL CAR COVERAGE IS NOT FULLY COVERED ON YOUR AUTO POLICY . Before you leave the Seattle area to get out of the rain, make sure you know what is and what isn't covered for your rental car. If you have comprehensive and collision coverage on your auto insurance policy, that coverage will extend to a vehicle you rent in the UNITED STATES. But most rental car companies will also charge you for LOSS OF USE while the rental car is being repaired. They will also charge for DIMINISHED VALUE of the vehicle that was in the accident. Loss of use, and diminished value are not covered on your automobile insurance policy.

SOLUTION: It's best to look at the cost of the collision damage waiver offered by the rental car company. If you chose not to purchase, then at least you are making a conscious decision to pay for the loss of use and depreciated value of the vehicle should an accident occur.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the items shown above, or any part of your automobile insurance program, be sure to call or email Magnolia Insurance Agency .

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